Suggestion about the new update

How do you want the islets to be?

  • Reflection

  • UnReflection

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Hi Pirates,

We are launching a new update for our esteemed players! Armada Battle team, we wanted to present a feature that will come with a new update for you.

New islands will be added to small islets in the sea charts, but we couldn't decide to choose these islets. You can see the reflection of the islets and the non-reflective pictures below. After reviewing the images and voting the poll, the voting is completed and we will add it to the sea maps with a new update according to the voting result.


image (5).png


image (4).png


image (3).png


image (2).png


image (1).png




Yeni üye
You are seriously adding new Islands ? There is so much bad game play with lag and glitches. So many bugs need to be fixed and you post you are adding Islands ?

There are many fixes and Major/Minor updates to be added to keep the players here and playing this game.
1. Auction every 1 hour or 3 hours. 24 hours is crazy.
2. The price of spying to 500 Diamonds. I need a 3rd job at the price now of 2500.
3. Assistant Admiral need to have rights to give gold to other players.
4. The over all max boat speed is to slow.
5. And to be totally honest the PvP is trash. Your base HP before Mast Update was 70,000 give or take depending on Elite Level.
the damage of a shot can be 27,000 3x 27k = 81k. This is not the kind of fight any one wants to have, PvP should be FUN and last more than 3 seconds. The new Mast is only 500 extra HP. 112k still and very short battle.
5(a). Add 2500 HP to Mast for 75,000 total HP. Give a Premium Purchase to add more Speed to ships and more Repair per seconds to boat.
5(b). Add a repair ammo to mildly repair Allies boats. (with NO new cannons)

All in all the game has great potential. If you want this game to succeed give the payers something to purchase to gain funds to make game better and more fun. PvP is a huge part of this Pirate Adventure. Make sure the PvP is better than all other pirate games. Take the ideas from your dedicated members and make change where change is needed.

And most of all... ANSWER YOUR EMAILS AND SUPPORT via/ GAME AND FACEBOOK (social media)

This game must have game Developers come online for short time in Global chat and speak to its players about game. MUST DO !!

Make Pirating Great Again !!!!


(Long Live SiN)